Established in 2003, Choices started as a private clinic located in Downtown Beirut-Lebanon, providing specialist outpatient care to people of all ages with various psychological, emotional and behavioural issues, with particular reference to treating eating disorders as well as comorbidities such as anxiety and mood disorders, personality issues, anger management, specific addictions, co-dependency and other issues.

In 2009, Jeremy Alford, principal founder of Choices, started commuting to Kuwait in collaboration with the Soor Center, on a weekly basis to consult with people struggling with similar conditions.

In 2014, he relocated to Bali Indonesia to provide a more person-centered therapy program in an environment conducive to growth and recovery. These specific programs are intensive 1 to 2 week long evidence-based cognitive behavioural therapies in which the person(s) or couple are immersed in a stimulating environment that will encourage reflection, learn improved skills, challenge their personal growth and encourage positive development and change through adopting the process Alford calls Perspective, Insight & Transformation.

Through Alford's close ties with internationally recognized institutions in Europe, he has developed the expertise and innovation to offer individualized treatment support, working in collaboration with other healthcare professionals such as a psychiatrist, clinical nutritionist, GP, endocrinologist and others, when or if required.

Alford adheres to NICE's guidelines in his clinical practice (The National institute for Clinical Excellence). NICE is an independent organization responsible for providing national guidance on promoting good health, prevention and treatment in the UK. For more information visit